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Early intervention is key

Early intervention is key

Some of the child behaviours that parents come to us with which can be the early signs of parental alienation are what we call rejecting behaviours, such as;

  • Your child asking you not to attend a school play or an important match.
  • Your child’s sudden rejection of previously loved family members on your side of the family including grandparents.
  • Your child saying they don’t want to see you, see you as much or have staying contact.
  • Your child repeating or making allegations against you such as inappropriate chastisement/neglect.
  • Your child starting to call you by your name rather than ‘daddy’ or ‘mummy’.
  • Your child blaming you for any difficulties in the resident parent’s home such as lack of money.
  • Your child having too much/ age inappropriate knowledge of financial issues or court proceedings.
  • Your child ignoring your behaviour boundaries and authority and refusing to comply when they would have previously done so.
  • Your child becoming withdrawn, reluctant to talk or distrustful of your ability to keep them safe.
  • Your child seeming to ‘rewrite history’ in their newly negative recollections of happy family events.


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