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Allied Parent Disregards Court Orders and Court Authority

The allied narcissistic/(borderline) parent personality does not recognize the court’s authority over his or her impulses and desires. The narcissistic/(borderline) style personality believes that he or she is exempt from the rules and standards that govern
other people. As a result of this belief of inherent superiority, the narcissistic/(borderline) parent will frequently and unilaterally disregard court orders regarding custody and visitation that this parent finds inconvenient.
The narcissistic/(borderline) parent transmits this disregard of court orders and court authority to the child, so that the child feels similarly entitled to disregard court orders for custody and visitation. This child’s empowerment to disregard court authority
is reflected in the child’s refusal to go on court ordered visitations with the targeted parent, and reaches its zenith when the child selects to run away from the care of the targeted parent, in direct contravention to the court orders for custody and visitation.


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