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The known risks of untreated psychosis can include:

The duration of untreated psychosis, or DUP, is a significant factor in the prognosis for a psychotic disorder or related condition. The more time passes between the first psychosis symptoms and adequate treatment, the poorer the prognosis. Evidence suggests that early treatment—and a shorter DUP—promotes better symptom improvement and overall functioning in everyday life.

There is yet inadequate proof to say conclusively that psychosis causes permanent brain damage. But researchers are still pursuing a better understanding of the neurological impact of psychotic episodes. And, regardless of the cause-and-effect realities involved, immediate clinical attention for symptoms of psychosis is widely recommended.

The known risks of untreated psychosis can include:

  • Difficulties with work or school performance
  • Possible job loss
  • Financial issues
  • Legal issues
  • Hospitalization
  • Substance abuse—possibly as a form of self-medication
  • Isolation
  • Possible homelessness
  • Relationship problems and losses
  • Worsening symptoms of co-occurring disorders
  • Worsening symptoms of medical disorders
  • Possible self-harm or even suicide



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