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Never trust a narcissist – oops I mean psychopath

Never trust a narcissist – oops I mean psychopath

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Mr.Vaknin makes several interesting wide reaching observations about the behavior of “Narcissists. One such assessment address whether Narcissists understand cause and effect thinking as it relates to their behavior .

Quote Sam vaknin :

“Then Narcissist does not suffer from a faulty sense of causation. He is able to accurately predict the outcomes of his actions and he knows that he might be forced to pay a dear price for his deeds. But he doesn’t care.”

No supporting scientific information is given to defend this view, so the reader is left to assume this is the opinion of the author. I find this troubling as human beings suffering from NPD often struggle with cause and
affect thinking.

A person with this disorder views the world through the eyes of a child and attempts to relate to others from the viewpoint much younger than their actual age. It is not that they understand that their behavior will cause a certain reaction from people and do it anyway. They lack the emotional developmental skills needed to understand how and why an adult will react to their actions.


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