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Legal aid changes to streamline family work

New approach from 19 April 2019

A new approach to certificated family work is being rolled out by the Legal Aid Agency across England and Wales from 19 April 2019 following a successful pilot with providers.

The change means that legal aid certificates will in future be granted with a wider limitation on costs for most family proceedings.

The Legal Aid Agency says that providers will be able to free up administrative time currently spent collating and submitting evidence before they can carry out their work.

What does this mean for providers’ work?
Starting on 19 April 2019 applications for a set number of proceedings will be granted with a cost limitation of £25,000. These are all listed in the appropriate guidance. This change will reduce the need to submit a cost amendment in the future.

If providers are submitting a Special Children Act application you will see the £25,000 cost limit applied on CCMS when submitting the application. For other types of family proceedings, the £25,000 cost limit will be shown on the case on CCMS and the certificate once granted by the Legal Aid Agency.


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