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Social workers have failed to keep abreast with case law

Social workers have failed to keep abreast with case law which impacts upon their professional practice and their ability to safeguard children. To speed up awareness and education NAAP have taken the initiative, published a public report and an educational DVD. The report and DVD have been circulated worldwide and it is the aim of NAAP to ensure that this information reaches everyone involved in the family justice system and parliament. Research and consequences Research in the field is rapidly accumulating and the research has already labelled parental alienation an “unacknowledged form of family violence”.

It has confirmed there are long-term mental health consequences for the children who experience parental alienation, including anxiety, lowered self-esteem and general quality of life, as well as a greater risk of depression and suicide.

Besides causing immense psychological harm to children and placing them at heightened risk of suicide, the simple – yet harrowing – facts are these, mothers and fathers across the globe are killing themselves out of despair after being lied about to their children, lied about to their families, lied about to social workers and lied about to family courts.

Systemic inconsistencies In the worst, or pure alienation cases, a child and parent have their relationship with each other severed by another parent who can also enlist the help of relatives, friends and professionals as allies to the alienation.


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