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Parental Alienation Awareness Day April 25th

The balloons of April 25th, 2019 – Les ballons du 25 avril 2019″ – Against PA
Thursday, April 25, 2019 14:30
Parc Jean-Baptiste Lebas LILLE, North of France, France
contact: François Scheefer,

As we’ve yearly done since 2015, around 500 biodegradable balloons will fly from the centre of the city of Lille (North of France) with plenty of messages of hope from parents, grand-parents and other people, all victims of parental alienation or supporting our legitimate cause, as well as children who were victims in the past and every body, fighting for the recognition of this terrible mental abuse and violence, to prevent it to continue and to happen. Local medias and politicians who have the power to make the law change for this recognition and to take the measures to fight against PA will be invited too. Since the Presidential elections in France (June 2017) our legitimate fight has been increasing a lot as the Ministry in charge of family matters has disappeared ! The Government doesn’t care at all about family matters and tragedies due to PA. The matter has become extremely serious. France appears more and more to be lagging behind many European and international countries, and has must make up for lost time to protect all victims of PA, to adapt the law and to inform and train medical, social and justice staff to provide all necessary aid and assistance to all victims of PA, starting urgently with the children. Before the release of balloons speeches are expected as well as the delivery of blues ribbons, symbol of the fight against violence to children. the PA is indeed a serious violence and also committed in full illegality. In addition to the balloons operation, official signatures of proclamation to recognize April 25th to be the International day against parental alienation will be collected as last years and children will be able to blow soap bubbles too, participating to the Bubbles of Love. Journalists and TV coverage are also expected to support and follow the operation 2019 called “The balloons of April 25th, against parental alienation”. For more information, see our website : As every year the messages, fly



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