Never Give Up One Year On

Never ever give up.

One year on after the reconciliation with my daughter after 27 years of parental alienation and all is well.

I had no help from PA specialists, family therapy centers, courts, solicitors teachers or doctors, I just left the alienator to reveal his true self. It took a long time, but it finally happened. No one can keep up that pretense for ever!!!!!!

I have just had my second mothers day and a wonderful family holiday with my daughter and two grandchildren. I cannot believe how my life has changed over the past 15 months.

I feel like nothing has changed between us even though 27 years have passed and she is now a beautiful adult and wonderful mother to her 2 children. She is mentally stronger and resilient than I could ever imagine, and she now knows that many of the stories she had been told over the past 27 years were exactly that “stories” lies and control!!

The one thing that saddens and disappoints me more than anything is all the mothers and parents out there who said “just forget about them”, “move on with your life”, “just leave them to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

All the people I had known over the years, many of them parents themselves who knew what was happening and just ignored the situation.

All the school teachers, doctors, girlfriends, social workers and specialists witnessing emotional abuse and not protecting my children.

WHAT KIND OF WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN where people are afraid to speak up and tell our children the truth????

Well today is Worldwide Parental Awareness Day March Against Parental Alienation and people all over the world are joining peaceful protests to prevent this from happening in the future, everyone one of them have suffered in one way or another due to Parental Alienation.

My message to you is to never ever give up, keep posting on social media, keep sending letters and cards, let your children see you are not the person that they have been told you are. Let them see the real you.



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