Serial Adultery: Is It Chance or Character? | Psychology Today

So I would say that serial adultery is an issue of character, that it reflects something inherent in the persons’ decision-making process that drives him (or her) to cheat repeatedly. Don’t get me wrong—cheating once also reflects on a person’s character, and not well. But if it happens just once and never again, his return to fidelity does speak well of his character, and indicates that it was a momentary transgression, a chance temptation to which he chose (that once) to give in—which doesn’t make it any less harmful or hurtful, but may give hope to the spouse (or the new love for whom he left his last) that it won’t happen again.

2 Comments on “Serial Adultery: Is It Chance or Character? | Psychology Today”

  1. I agree! Having been the wife of a prolific adulterer (read about it on my blog site), it was definitely a character flaw…pure unadulterated selfishness! Unfortunately I learned that forgiving it once only lent itself to him finding it easier to cheat more because he took for granted that the forgiveness from his Christian wife would always be there. I love this short, and right to the point article. I am going to write a future post that will include the link back to this post. You are welcome to do the same for any of the posts on my site. I am also going to follow you, I look forward to reading more of your posts.


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