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Guidelines for educators to help reduce conflict in families and to help promote the best interest of their students

In response to this problem facing the schools, members of the Family Justice Review Committee, together with input from various health, legal, educational professionals came up with a number of suggestion and recommendations to help teachers and school officials do what it right for our children.

The guidelines and recommendations developed here have been based on the following criteria:

  1. To provide teachers and school officials with practical and easy to follow guidelines.

  2. To promote respect, fairness and consideration to both of the child’s parents and extended family members.

  3. To take into consideration the child’s wishes.

  4. To minimize the likelihood of confrontation between the school and parents

  5. To avoid misinterpretation of Court Orders are respected.

  6. To help minimize conflict between parents and family members.

  7. To ensure that the rights and freedoms of parents are not 

  8. To minimize the possibility of lawsuits against school officials or school boards.

  9. To help ensure that any other factor considered relevant to the best interest of the child is considered in any decision made by teachers or school officials.



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