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Fake barrister pursuing ‘dream career’ jailed after working in chambers for months

A man ‘fixated’ on fulfilling his dream career as a barrister has been jailed after falsely securing a chambers role and working on cases despite not having legal qualifications.

Scott Willey worked at a chambers – today revealed to have been 4 Brick Court in London – for around eight months before his lies were uncovered.

Scott Willey

According to City of London Police, Willey, 27, attended City Law School in London, but did not graduate and was never called to the bar. Despite this, he became intent on pursuing a career in law.

Willey, without authority, accessed a colleague’s email account and stole a copy of a practising certificate, which he then edited to pass off as his own. He used the fraudulent practising certificate to obtain a legal aid account and informed the chambers he had qualified from the Bar Professional Training Course with a mark of ‘very competent’.

He also provided another colleague’s Bar Council membership number to ’maintain the appearance of being a barrister’ to the Bar Standards Board and to the chambers.



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