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Experts are criticised in recent case

It was clear from cross-examination on behalf of the Father that this social worker, had not read the relevant historical papers in this case including previous judgments where serious criticism of the Mother had been made. Therefore, the social worker was assessing the case without relevant and proper knowledge of the facts. She was taking what the Mother was saying on ’face value’ and failed to observe the child with his Father.

When commenting on this failure, the Judge concluded that ’One of the most disturbing aspects of Miss S’s work was her failure to acquaint herself adequately with the relevant background papers. As I noted at the beginning of this judgment, in the period from 2008 to 2012 there were several contested hearings between the parents concerning [the child]. Those hearings took place before different judges. One of those judges, Recorder McLaren QC, rejected all of the mother’s allegations of violence by the father, including an allegation of rape. He also rejected her allegation that the father had physically abused [the child].. He made a number of withering criticisms of the mother.’ [209]

  • A lack of significant experience, expertise or training in the field of parental alienation



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