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9 Patterns of a Dangerous Person | The Exhausted Woman

Have you ever been around someone and immediately felt uncomfortable? Almost as if they could see right through you? But then, within minutes, the person has disarmed you and despite the initial feeling of discomfort, you engage with them. Bit by bit they seem to know exactly what needs to be said or done to tear your wall down. So, you let them in, telling yourself that there is nothing wrong. Dangerous people have this ability. They are talented at linking themselves to people who have money, power, or influence. This is done to further hide their treacherousness. So, when you meet them, they seem healthy and enticing, but it is a trap and one that could cost you your sanity or life. Here are nine patterns of a dangerous person. Align and Isolate. The dangerous person aligns themselves with your friends and family who are your people. Then they share with their new acquaintances a ‘concern’ about you in an effort to ‘help you’. This is usually done in secret so as not to ‘hurt you

Source: 9 Patterns of a Dangerous Person | The Exhausted Woman



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