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For Kids Sake: Ozzy headlines hit harder

When my wife Kat and I split up, we needed help and support. We still used to go to the movies as a family or down to the beach at Margs after we separated. But it was a really difficult and vulnerable time and what we needed was a strong system of counselling, coaching, mediation and community support. What we got instead was lawyers and a frightening, unaffordable family court system. The moment Kat and her parents got a lawyer involved, everything changed. It was the lawyer system that drove events in our family and the terrible financial cost and long timescale of the family court made it so much more stressful for Kat’s family.” My own experience for over 7 years and a huge emotionsl and financial cost.
Thank you Nick for this brilliant article, spot on

the alienation experience

The Ozzy headlines that hit harder are about: deaths. Yes deaths. What can we learn about campaigning from one approach based in Australia that includes a revolutionary view: Family law doesn’t help. It harms the separated families who turn to it. It can even be fatal. Alternatives must be promoted.

If a hard-hitting headline and new rationale helps improve the system, then the wider benefit of the approach would be to prevent all kinds of harm to all separating families and children, not just the fatalities. They would all get reliable help instead.

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What we needed and what we got

Family separation is mostly hard, often quite nasty, and in various ways it is fatal – fatal to loving relationships, fatal to lives too. General patterns are important to study and mull over. But sometimes a single event, a shocking news story, breaks through…

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