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Reasons Why People Refuse to Help Others

One reason you may object to lending a hand or giving money is that the need to feel good about yourself is satisfied in different ways. Not everyone needs an inflated ego and some people genuinely have feelings of empathy for those less fortunate. Frequently, when individuals are contemplating assistance to others, they undergo a cost-benefit analysis calculating the personal rewards of helping, as well as the psychological and physical drawbacks of offering help. If the emotional costs are deemed too high, such as when individuals feel overly threatened, insecure, or not personally accountable for offering help, they will be far less inclined to exhibit adaptive helping behavior.



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2 thoughts on “Reasons Why People Refuse to Help Others

  1. Well said. My son just asked if the kids at his school charity choice will die if e doesn’t donate and we explained and reminded him all the volunteer work, and monthly donations we as a family contribute. He felt so pressured to donate to a cause he didn’t understand.


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