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The narrative of a vindictive person- They build grudges 

They build grudges

A person with a vindictive personality disorder builds grudges, stores pain points against themselves and others to justify their feelings. It’s always someone else’s fault and you will never find them in a situation where they will apologise. They don’t realise that they cannot harm others without harming themselves, and not only come unstuck in their personal lives but also in their careers.

If something doesn’t go their way, they attempt to intimidate you or manipulate you. They will throw out lines to try and scare you, and if they are in the workplace will deliberately show co-workers that they have power by deliberately not doing what their job requires, or ensuring that they are spending endless hours at lunch and via such mediums as text, messenger and skype to draw you in. They may seem to be making fun of someone at first and that may seem harmless, but the aim is to build a wedge between you and the target for that day, week, month, year.

Once you become a target, a vindictive person will try and destroy you. They need to prove you are the ultimate loser by destroying you. Unfortunately in this day and age, there is the internet – a perfect forum for people with vindictive personality disorders to play out their anger or pain, and try and cause reputational damage among other types of damage.

What they haven’t realised is that “anger, revenge, and harassment comes from a place of weakness” and eventually they will burn those around them, and ultimately themselves.



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