How do you break someone psychologically, mentally, or emotionally?

I’m wondering what your current mental state status is, at this point in time!? I ask this question because your question has a paranoid, antisocial kind of twist to it.

Psychologists, therapists and other mental health workers are not all the same! We all tend to have our own unique perspective of the world and our clients.

I for one do not like forcing a person to comply with treatment! I believe that I work part of a team, and within the scope of policies and best practice guidelines. In fact, it anything, people like myself are pawns within a broader mental health system.

Anyhow, I’ll try to answer your question, based on my impression of what you’re talking about.

Patients with low prevalence disorders that pose an unacceptable risk to themselves or others concern the government and mental health services. When they try and treat a person that fits the above criteria and that person refuses to comply, they have the power to make that person an involuntary patient under the Mental Health Act.

The patient is generally admitted to a hospital psychiatric ward, assessed, and a treatment plan is established. The plan usually involves medication and therapy.

After a few weeks, the patient is discharged from the psych ward to the care of a community mental health centre (outpatient clinic). If the client continues to be noncompliance with treatment, they are placed on a Community Treatment Order (CTO). Meaning that they need to meet with their mental health workers regularly and comply with their treatment plan.

If the client breaches the CTO; doesn’t attend their outpatient appointment or take their prescribed medicine, their mental health worker is forced to seek the client out (for example, an outpatient visit to their home).

Once they finally meet, an assessment is carried out, and if the client continues to pose a significant risk to them or others, and will not cooperate with mental health workers, or take their medication, they will be readmitted to the psych ward and recommenced on their medication.

The above cycle is repeated! Until the client realises that they need to comply with their community treatment order.


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