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Physics and the Law of Karma

It seems to me that the law of karma is one of these “conservation laws.” The great teachers say it operates with mathematical exactitude. “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” It is more than morals. It deals with action, energy, cause and effect. In the words of H. P. Blavatsky, “Karma creates nothing, nor does it design. It is man who plans and creates causes, and Karmic law adjusts the effects; which adjustment is not an act but universal harmony, tending ever to resume its original position, like a bough, which, bent down too forcibly, rebounds with corresponding vigor.” (The Secret Doctrine).

In simple terms, maybe the rules which govern the “realm of least-Being” are “projections” onto our level of spacetime of much more general laws which are multi-level in application and expression. The conservation of energy means that the universe keeps a set of books that must balance for every energy transaction. But this is what the law of karma is saying also. Action, whether it be expressed through physical energy or thought (mental) energy is balanced on the other side of the equation. “What goes around, comes around.” And, just as in physics, time is not an issue. The transaction does not have to be consummated all at once as long as there is some storage mechanism available. Solar energy can be stored in plants; “karmic energy” can be stored in the body, often manifesting as chronic pain.

Wilber is correct in his point that the mystical truths do not need the “proofs” of science. But the illumination from below oftentimes makes these truths sparkle with new brilliance.


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