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Severe HAP

Parents who continue to expose their children to Hostile–Aggressive Parenting need to be warned by the court that if they do not end their hostile parenting patterns, court sanctions will be imposed upon them, including reversal of primary care or even custody of the child. Court sanctions not only serve to “remind” the hostile parent to cooperate and to behave in a civil manner, but are very useful for the children as well. Effective sanctions set an example to the children and all family members that Hostile-Aggressive Parenting is not acceptable behaviour to our society and that the courts will not tolerate it. When a child feels reassured that the system will protect him/her from their hostile-aggressive parent it will give the child the courage to express their love to the more reasonable parent and will ease the fear they might otherwise feel if they were to admit to the HAP parent that they themselves really want to see the other parent. In such situations, the child can say what they know they must to satisfy the hostile parent’s need to feel that the children love them more than the other parent but knowing at the same time that the hostile parent must take them to see the other parent and that what they say to the hostile-aggressive parent will not be somehow used against the friendly parent. Many times HAP parents will pressure the child to say that they don’t want to see the other parent. This of course is used as part of the strategy to justify what the child should not be seeing the other parent. Unfortunately, in most communities there are a number of biased social workers and counsellors who have no knowledge of HAP who will support the hostile-aggressive parent’s campaign to alienate the child from the other parent.



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