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Financial disassociation: How to get a credit divorce

How to break ties
If you are no longer financially connected to your credit associates, you can ask the credit agencies to remove their information from your credit report, a process called a financial disassociation.

To get a financial disassociation, you’ll have to make a formal request with each of the credit agencies. The required forms will generally ask you to list addresses you shared with a former partner and declare that you no longer share any financial ties, including bank accounts and joint credit agreements.

To find out the financial disassociation instructions from the three major credit agencies, visit the EquifaxExperianand Callcredit websites.

In general, you can get a financial disassociation if you (or your former partner) still live at the same address you once shared — but not if you both still share the same address, or still share a financial link like a joint account, according to Experian. However, Experian’s and Equifax’s financial disassociation forms provide space for you to explain your circumstances — and why you should still be considered for a financial disassociation, even if you share an account or home.

You don’t have to be split up with your partner to get a disassociation. Relationship status doesn’t matter — only financial links. In other words, if you took out a loan with a partner and paid it off, you can still get a financial disassociation from that partner, even if you’re still happily together.


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