Posted in Parental Alienation & Narcissistic Personality Disorder

The Parental “Acceptance-Rejection Syndrome”

This article reviews theory, methods, and evidence supporting the concept of a relational diagnosis here called the parental acceptance-rejection syndrome. This syndrome is composed of 2 complementary sets of factors. First, 4 classes of behaviors appear universally to convey the symbolic message that “my parent (or other attachment figure)…loves me (or does not love me–i.e., rejects me).” These classes of behavior include perceived warmth-affection (or its opposite, coldness-lack of affection), hostility-aggression, indifference-neglect, and undifferentiated rejection. Second, the psychological adjustment of children and adults (defined by a constellation of 7 specific personality dispositions) tends universally to vary directly with the extent to which individuals perceive themselves to be accepted or rejected in their relationship with the people most important to them.



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