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The Emotional Vengeance of Mental Illness | Psychology Today

“My mind won’t shut off. I just want to die.”

It would seem, to me, that I have heard these words spoken a thousand times, but when I try to bring up memories of who said them, I fail. This is probably because the only real place these words have been spoken is in my own head.

There is a stark contrast between the way a societally standard-functioning brain reacts to emotional tendencies and the brain of those with a mental illness. Energetic vibration therapy teaches us that our existence conceptualizes ideals in one of two forms: sympathetic or logical; it’s just about by which avenue our individual brains decide they can process it, and about treating the remaining one. For example, typically, my brain ‘gets it’ from a logical perspective, and my sympathetic system needs help making the decision to change or address the ideal with therapy or some type of supplemental treatment. This is the core of mental illness. When we are overthinking or when we are anxious or experiencing a psychotic break, we know it’s wrong. We don’t want to do these things. We just don’t know how to stop.



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