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Signs of a narcissist’s mind control

Signs of a narcissist’s mind control

Some narcissists are good at hiding their real nature. Beware of these signs:

A narcissist who is using mind control doesn’t care about your feelings or pain.

A narcissist will use a variety of emotional and other manipulative techniques to get you to do or think a certain way.

A narcissist may use flattery and love to affect you. This will be used in turn with aggression and anger to control you.

The victim is also isolated from others, so the narcissist can manage him or her easier.

The narcissist will try to create chaos and uncertainty, so the victim doesn’t know what to expect and lives in constant fear. This also gives the narcissist more control because they get to decide how things are handled.

The victim is left so scared and confused that they can’t even escape.



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