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Parental Alienation and the Christmas Present Competition

Earlier this year, I wrote ‘Alienated Fathers: Don’t you DARE Give Up!‘ about Chris Mackney, an alienated father who couldn’t take the pain any longer and took his own life four days after Christmas. What I wrote then goes for all the fathers (and mothers) out there who are alienated and finding it harder than ever to bear at Christmastime.

‘Hang in there! Your children love you, no matter what lies their mother has told them about you. A child’s love for their parents is almost impossible to kill. I know how much you love them. In the deepest recesses of their souls, they love you too.

Hang in there! Even if your visitation rights have been removed or your ex refuses to allow you to see them, they know you’re there. So be there. Anywhere. Just having Daddy somewhere, thinking about them, means the world to them. They’re thinking about you too.

Hang in there! Don’t give up. Don’t you dare give up, Sir! Seek counselling if you can, but be sure it’s with a counsellor or therapist who understands the cruel minutiae of Parental Alienation. A therapist who will believe you and believe in you, even if the whole world, your ex, her attorney and the judge accuse you of lying because you’re so upset that you begin sweating and shaking in court.’

Source: Parental Alienation and the Christmas Present Competition



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