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Narcissist or Sociopath Father

Move forward in time to now. All his children are now older adults and every one, all SIX, either have diagnosed mental conditions or are alcoholics and/or drug addicts.  Many act narcissistic, volatile and even violent. Not one lives alone, travels alone, or lives independently. They seek instant pleasure and gratification all day and cannot maintain longer term goals.

They are ALL self-entitled and will only allow their “great, boy-toy” father to come around them if he bails them out of trouble, buys them something, takes them out to eat, or entertains them.  These adult-children expertly use and abuse him. But does Mr. Oh notice this abuse? Not at all: They ALL entertain one another.  Mr. Oh thinks his children are doing wonderfully and he brags about their great jobs: one child is supposedly becoming a Navy Seal. This “child” is going on 30 years old, has no military experience, is making no attempt to get military service, and shows himself wildly partying on the internet. When I brought this fact up to Mr. Oh, he attacked me for “attacking” his object of illusion, delusion…his “image” (his child) that provides him instant entertainment and pleasure.

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