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Christmas Planning – Dont be alone

If you are unfortunate enough not to be able to see your children at all, make sure you have plenty to do and have people around you.

Volunteering during the holiday season not only helps to bring families together to create a better world, but also helps to uplift those individuals that find the season incredibly taxing.

I have learn t to be resourceful over the years.

Here are a few suggestions you could consider, its not too late to get organised:-

Crisis at Christmas

Registration for volunteering in Birmingham is now open

Registration for volunteering in Coventry is now open

Registration for volunteering in Edinburgh is now open

Registration for volunteering in London is now open

Registration for volunteering in Newcastle is now open

Registration for volunteering in South Wales is now open

Crisis Skylight Oxford will be open over Christmas except for the bank holidays and is also looking for volunteers.

Crisis at Christmas is a unique volunteer effort that provides immediate help for homeless people at a critical time of year. By volunteering with Crisis this Christmas you can make a real difference to people experiencing homelessness. We have lots of volunteering roles to fill. Help cook and serve meals, share your skills as a hairdresser, health professional or entertainer, or have a chat and play games with our guests.

The Salvation Army

Join a team of thousands of Salvation Army volunteers and be part of a huge movement for change.

The Salvation Army works with some of the most disadvantaged people in our communities; including homeless people, older people, unemployed people, those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, as well as victims of human trafficking and major emergencies.

Find the perfect volunteering opportunity just for you

Volunteer on Christmas Day

Every year the Order of the Knights of St. Columbanus is inundated with requests from the public to Volunteer for the Christmas Day Dinner event.

London winter night shelters

Aside from the shelters mentioned above, plenty of others operate in London and are equally worthy of help. Sleeping rough on the streets of London in winter is a horrible experience, and shelters try t0 alleviate these issues, and give people a warm place to sleep for the night.

Here’s a list of winter night shelters across London — why not contact your nearest one and see if it needs volunteers this year.

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