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Spot a Narcissist by His Need to Put You (and Everyone) Down

If there’s someone in your life who always seems to humming “Anything you can do, I can do better,” it may well be that he or she is a narcissist. That might not have occurred to you, especially if the person is quieter than narcissists are supposed to be, not much of a braggart, or showy the way most of us think of narcissists. But the need to put others down and, in fact, to deliberately make them feel crummy about themselves is, according to researchers, a narcissistic trait and a valuable tip-off for the rest of us.

This is especially true if the narcissist in our lives is hiding in plain sight. It’s even more important if you have a relatively low opinion of yourself, thanks to your childhood experiences, or, alternatively, a high tolerance for being put-down or marginalized. The bottom line? Those little put-downs are a precursor of what’s to come.

Is there someone in your life who’s always eager to denigrate your efforts, remind you of your flaws, or quick to point out how he or she would have done a better job? Is it a co-worker who, hearing about your most recent success, pipes up: “Well,…

Source: Spot a Narcissist by His Need to Put You (and Everyone) Down



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