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Getting ready for Christmas – No 1 – GIFTS

Well its that time of year again and here are my top ten ideas to help you survive Christmas as promised last week.


Yes I know it seems pointless if you have been blocked from seeing your child,
children , grandchildren, or adult children but you must never give up hope.

Memory Books

One of the things you could do is a memory book of happy  memories from the past, something to remind your child about the happier times they spent with you. I know you are thinking whats the point! Even if you don’t see your child this Christmas it will be something to tuck away until the time comes when they do get to see you again. All my children’s  family photos were destroyed, even the baby ones just showing themselves. When my mother passed away a couple of years ago I was delighted to find quite a few happy memories and baby pictures amongst her things. So one thing I will definitely be doing this year is preparing a  memory book so my daughter can show  her children some happier memories from her childhood.

Create a photo share website.
There are dozens of quality photo sharing web sites that make the upload and display of your digital photos easy and fun. You can edit them, include them in slide shows, even set them to music. And best of all, they can be as public or as private as you want.

Web – free

Web – free for basic site

Web – 100  free prints

Web – 50 free prints





Another idea would be NS&I savings certificates, you can buy now before 25th November for the December draw. 
 If you don’t get to see  your children/grandchildren or  if they reject your gift, it is there and will remain intact until you do get to see them. You could let them know by sending them a postcard with the details on if they are old enough to read before it is intercepted by the opposing parent. The alienating parent cannot destroy the gift of a premium bond.
Premium Bonds could be the perfect present for your child or grandchild. 
You’ll be investing in their future with 100% safe HM Treasury-backed savings, and they’ll have the opportunity every month to win cash prizes.
You can buy Premium Bonds with just £100. To give us the best chance to process your application so that your child or grandchild receives their Bonds in time for Christmas, please apply by 25 November.They could even win the £1 million top prize!

Do continue to send cards, or write cards and tuck them away, its very important that one day you can show your child/grandchild that they were never forgotten – whatever they have been told!!! 

I know all these things are extremely difficult to deal with when you are long term alienated and have no contact details, but the day will come when you and your child will so pleased you did, believe me, I speak from experience.

So start early, get the job done. Its Black Friday soon and there are plenty of offers on photobooks, 

Kodak Memory Books

Personalised Grandparent And Me Book

Premium Bonds



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