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Art psychotherapy evaluations of children in custody disputes

Child custody disputes and divorce affect over 1,200,OOO new families each year in the United States(Jacobs, 1986). On the basis of these numbers alone,divorce has become a major American sociocultural issue. Divorce is deceptive. Legally it is a single event, but psychologically it is a chain of events,relocations and radically shifting relationships strung through time. This becomes a process that forever changes the lives of the people involved. Divorce can be a profound catalyst for psychological, social and economic change.This paper explores the art therapist’s role in the evaluation of children who are involved in custody litigation. Child placement in divorce and separation proceedings are never final and often are conditional.The lack of finality, which stems from the retention of jurisdiction over the custody decision, invites challenges by a disappointed or a disgruntled party claiming changed circumstances. This absence of finality,coupled with the concomitant increase in opportunities for appeal may very well be in conflict with the child’s need for continuity; nevertheless, it is the law.



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