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Brain Imaging Study IDs 3 Types of Depression

Japanese researchers have identified three types of depression, one of which is untreatable with the use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), the most commonly prescribed medication for the condition. The three distinct subtypes of depression were characterized by two main factors: functional connectivity patterns synchronized between different regions of the brain and childhood trauma experience. Specifically, the brain’s functional connectivity in regions involving the angular gyrus — associated with processing language and numbers, spatial cognition and attention — played a large role in determining whether SSRIs were effective in treating depression. Patients with increased functional connectivity between the brain’s different regions who had also experienced childhood trauma had a subtype of depression that was non-responsive to treatment by SSRIs drugs. On the other hand, the other two subtypes — where the participants’ brains did not show increased connectivity

Source: Brain Imaging Study IDs 3 Types of Depression



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