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THE REPORT “Parental Alienation in the UK” – NAAP

Introducing NAAP Co-founder- Andrew John Teague
Over a year on and the idea has become a reality and I am honoured at the people who have participated in making this report become a reality. Over 2 years ago, having gone to a meeting for a group that has been in existence over 25 years, it
seemed to be very, very little about the children, so I made a vow to go out and be the voice for the children.
During that period, whilst opening the support group D.A.D.S, I have worked with hundreds of parents who explained the true horrors of being in family court.
I have met some amazing people but one who was very inspirational to me was Liz Archer, who after meeting for a coffee, has kept in close contact since and indeed has also put into the report with many others such as Karen Woodall, Sue Whitcombe, Ruth Nicholls, a Social Worker, A McKenzie Friend, and others who will be credited when the report comes out.

We set up NAAP to have the level to challenge the system on some identified problems therein and will work for a happier brighter future for children.

Again, a big massive thank you to everyone who has helped to bring this report to fruition and bring awareness out there. Watch also for our educational DVD in the near future.

No-one is immune to what goes on behind family court doors and it is only right that we bring awareness on what to expect. The small changes that are needed in family courts would make a massive difference. Until then we will keep supporting the many healthy parents that are brought to their knees, and the true feelings and wishes of the children and bring their voices out through us.
Andrew John Teague. Co-founder of NAAP


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Inside The Narcissist’s Wicked Mind And Their Make-Believe World Of Illusions

They lie to your face without a second thought and there’s nothing you can do about it. In fact, the lies are their truth. And you believe them. Because they don’t sound like they are lying. Because otherwise, they will have you questioning your own sanity. Of course, they feel entitled to this, because you have given them your trust, energy, you have invested your hopes and dreams in them. You derive your confidence from them