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The Strong Victim: Why Victims of Abuse Stay | The Recovery Expert

There are many myths about victims of abuse, such as, they tend to be passive, easily manipulated, pushovers, doormats, etc. Never do you hear people describe victims of abuse, particularly, domestic violence victims, as strong or courageous, or anything positive. I would like to set the record straight. Many, if not most, victims of domestic violence and/or emotional abuse tend to be strong, intelligent, likable, well-educated and well-put-together women, with great personalities. Many of these women are the sole financial providers of the home. They tend to be very analytical and well read and understand the dilemma they are in and the problems in the relationship, but they find themselves loving an abuser and just can’t quite figure out why they stay. The irony is that these women have many strengths and it is the strengths that keep them trapped. Here is a list of these strengths: forgiving compassionate hopeful forward thinking flexible strong persevering loyal faithful self

Source: The Strong Victim: Why Victims of Abuse Stay | The Recovery Expert



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