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Heritability of Behavior Disorders

While classic thinking may have suggested that non-behavior disorders are more inheritable than behavior disorders, the study Psychiatric ‘Diseases’ Versus Behavioral Disorders and Degree of Genetic Influence shows differently. According to the study, the heritability estimates are as follows:

  • Bipolar disorder – 85%
  • Schizophrenia – 81%
  • Alzheimer’s disease – 75%
  • Cocaine use disorder – 72%
  • Anorexia nervosa – 60%
  • Alcohol dependence – 56%
  • Sedative use disorder – 51%
  • Cannabis use disorder – 48%
  • Panic disorder – 43%
  • Stimulant use disorder – 40%
  • Major depressive disorder – 37%
  • Generalized anxiety disorder – 28%

While non-behavior disorders top the list, many behavior disorders are more heritable than non-behavior disorders. This suggests a strong genetic linkage and physical predisposition to behavior disorders in some (What Causes Mental Illness? Genetics, Environment, Risk Factors).



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