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Shared Psychotic Disorder: Background and Criteria, History, Subtypes and Characteristics

Shared psychotic disorder, or folie à deux, is a rare delusional disorder shared by 2 or, occasionally, more people with close emotional ties. An extensive review of the literature reveals cases of folie à trois, folie à quatre, folie à famille (all family members), and even a case involving a dog. [1]

In the most recent update to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), shared psychotic disorder was removed as a separate disease entity and was included in the section on other specified schizoprenic spectrum and other psychotic disorders. In the updated version the entity exists as “delusional symptoms in partner of individual with delusional disorder.” [2] According to the DSM-5, in the context of a relationship, the delusional material from the dominant partner provides content for delusional belief by the individual who may not otherwise entirely meet criteria for delusional disorder.



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