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Alienating Parents who use drugs

Just because someone is on drugs does not mean he or she will be a bad parent, but if parents are heavily intoxicated or under the influence of drugs it affects their ability to parent. Some parents who use drugs heavily may be less aware of what is going on around them and less capable of providing appropriate care.

Children react to parents on drugs in different ways. They may:

  • try to be very good to please the parent
  • try to work extra hard at school to avoid the problems at home
  • try to avoid going home, perhaps spending a lot of time with friends
  • have behaviour problems so that attention goes to the child and not the parents’ problem
  • try to harm themselves or act in ways that might harn them (be careless with their own safety)
  • become withdrawn and perhaps get overlooked
  • act as a clown to draw attention from the parent.



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