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What to Do If a Family Member Is Involved in Crime – Law and Daily Life

Try as we might, no person is perfect. And some of those non-perfect people are our family members. This leaves us non-criminal family members with some tough choices to make. Does a daughter need drug therapy? Should you call the cops on your cousin? Is it time to consult with a lawyer?

Here are just a few of the legal considerations you should keep in mind if you’ve got a family member who is in involved in criminal activity.

Lend a Hand

Drug addiction and the criminal convictions that could go hand-in-hand with addiction are serious issues. Despite some states relaxing their drug laws, drug possession penalties remain harsh and drug addiction can turn deadly.

You can find substance abuse resources in every state, at both the private and public level. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration can locate treatment centers near you. Hopefully, a family member battling with addiction can find help before it turns into a more serious criminal matter.


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