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The signs that you’re probably dealing with a psychopath in the family.

Impulsive. Aggressive. Self-obsessed. Emotionally manipulative. Controlling. Just some of the character traits that a loved one can expect if they’re in a psychopath’s midst.

Determined to be in control, a psychopathic family member will, according to best-selling author David Gillespie, attempt to create “a cloud of emotional confusion” in an attempt to throw everyone off balance. They are expert manipulators, who will say what we want to hear in order to obtain more power – of any kind – for themselves because “moment to moment, a psychopath is concerned about what gives them more”.

A psychopathic family member will be the one taking two scoops of ice-cream when everyone else is having one or stealing money in their role as the banker when playing a light-hearted game of Monopoly.

But what happens when a psychopath has a child?



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