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The Psychopathic Suspect

Identifying the psychopath

An investigator is generally not concerned with exactly what mental illness a suspect suffers from, but rather how to recognize fundamental symptoms of a disorder and how to effectively deal with the suspect. A suspect with psychopathic tendencies will exhibit several of the following behaviors:

1. Glibness / superficial charm e.g., unconcerned attitude, overly polite, inappropriate levity

  1. Irresponsibility e.g., failure to meet financial obligations, failure to keep appointments, not following through on promises

  2. Reckless disregard of other’s safety or feelings / lack of empathy e.g., irrationally shooting a customer during a robbery, purposefully aiming a car toward an animal trying to cross the road

  3. Pervasive engagement in anti-social behavior, e.g., lying, cheating, theft, fraud

  4. Impulsive behaviors, e.g., promiscuous sexual behavior, spontaneous crimes

  5. Feelings of entitlement, e.g., strive for positions of authority and power, expectation of special treatment (or claims of unfair treatment)

There are a number of key behaviors that may indicate a suspect has psychopathic tendencies. The first is the suspect who, upon meeting the investigator, exhibits no fear or anxiety. Rather, the suspect appears to almost enjoy the challenge of answering questions and does not present any outward symptoms of anxiety or guilt even when caught making an inconsistent or false statement.



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