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Psychopathic Behavior – PoliceLink

There are several important signs to help police officers recognize the possibility that they are dealing with a psychopath.

1.Review the arrest record. Psychopaths’ rap sheets will reflect a variety of crimes. Because of their immature need for immediate gratification, these persons’ crimes are extremely unpredictable. Unlike other criminals, who tend to develop a specialty and stick with it, psychopaths may commit a variety of crimes that range from sodomy to armed robbery and murder. Further, when they commit a crime they may not hesitate to kill non-resisting victims or witnesses just to experience the sensation of killing.

2. Police officers must develop the ability to recognize con men’s glib style of conversation. Coupled with psychopaths’ inability to follow through or engage in any behavior that is not self-seeking, this should tip off police officers to the kind of person they are dealing with.

3. If police officers find themselves excessively liking or hating a suspect who is being interviewed, that person might be a psychopath.From training and experience, most professionals will develop a professional attitude toward those with whom they come in contact. Generally, there are those whom they like, those whom they do not like, and even some toward whom they are indifferent. However, a person who gets them so irritated that they tend to lose their professionalism, or who stimulates them to rescue him or her, is possibly a psychopath.



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