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PSP-network (PSP = Police, Social Services and Psychiatry) | Migration and Home Affairs


The Danish effort in preventing radicalisation and violent extremism (CVE) is primarily organized in the SSP-network. The goal of the SSPnetwork is to prevent criminal activity and behaviour among youngsters. The network consists of members of the social services, schools and police.

In 2009 the initial SSP-network was by law supplemented with the PSP-network. PSP is comprised of the local Police (P), Social Services/social psychiatry (S) and Psychiatry (P) and has its target group on vulnerable people with a psychiatric diagnosis in risk of recurring criminal activity.

The PSP-project is located within The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration and is driven in close collaboration with the Ministry for Immigration, Integration and Housing, Ministry of Health and The Danish Security and Intelligence Services. The project is thus a governmental initiative but offered to the key organisations in the Danish local crime-prevention network.

The PSP-project is also government funded and the participants don’t pay a tuition fee to participate. The included organisations aren’t compensated for sending their employees to attend the two-day course.


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