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Kids Don’t Trust Police Anymore. They Shouldn’t. – Fatherly | Fatherly

Between 80,000 and 84,000 police and security guards patrol the halls of public schools. They are there to look after children but also to police them and, as Alex S. Vitale, author of the recently-released The End of Policing points out, policing is not an act of care. It has become, he explains, a fraught act of containment. And the growth of the in-school police force, as well as the militarization of the out-of-school police force, isn’t going well for children. Little boys with toy guns have been shot. Some 75 percent of the in-school arrests in the state of Virginia are of black children, even though only 39 percent of the state’s public school students are black. The police are on the job, but it’s unclear that they are effectively working to help kids.



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