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When are psychopaths considered dangerous?

It’s always safest to assume that psychopaths can be dangerous at all times simply because they have few or no internal boundaries (no conscience, no sense of right or wrong), are impulsive, manipulative and have poor behavioural controls. They can also behave in bizarre ways, seemingly unaware that they’re behaving bizarrely. Past non-violent behaviour does NOT mean future non-violent behaviour.

That said, survivors of psychopathic ‘relationships’ are often advised that the most dangerous time is when leaving (escaping) the psychopath as this is when we break free of his or her control. Psychopaths love power and control. Anything that’s going to upset that control, including ‘outing’ them, is going to be an extremely dangerous time. For low-functioning psychopaths this could result in immediate violence; for high-functioning psychopaths this could result in delayed violence at a more appropriate place (for example in the privacy of the home) OR more likely an all-out attempt to destroy us (getting hold of our finances, undermining our friendships, isolating us, turning the children against us, creating ‘accidents on purpose’ ….)



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