Finding Alienation on a bigger map

This suggests a few conclusions:

A point by point comparison with the usual family law system confirms why that is the wrong system – why ‘a typewriter cannot juggle’.
The school refusal concept and approach encourages us to look to the standard ‘juggling’ skills of an effective multi-disciplinary community approach for parent-refusal too.
The ultimate problem turns out to be that society everywhere unquestioningly values schooling but is not that bothered by a child’s loss of a relationship with a parent, even though we know how harmful that is to them.
I wind down with reminders of Attachment. Two useful approaches are Crittenden’s DMM and DMM

the alienation experience

People want me to publish my talk in PASG Nordic, Stockholm: Finding PA on a bigger map.

I’ve been reluctant: “You can read it here with slides here; I’ve said it all before; I’ll be saying it again; Things have already moved on; You can watch it along with other PASG Nordic presentations on YouTube.”

But anyway, here it is illustrated with some of the key slides.

My main aims were:

  • to set out the benefits of a wider perspective on Parental Alienation
  • by looking inside the working of my Sutherland Lecture and
  • focus on prevention when everyone else is pulling bodies out way downstream; so
  • I question the dominance of family law as the best solution, particularly by
  • expanding the comparison between ‘parent refusal’ and ‘school refusal’.

Finding PA on a bigger map

Nick Child’s presentation at PASG Nordic in Stockholm, August 2018

As a child psychiatrist…

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