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What Do Abusive Women Look Like?

So what do abusive women really look like in real life? Here are 7 common abusive behaviors practiced by women, along with descriptions by real life partners. While a man can be just as likely to use most of these, women more often utilize them to hurt those they’re supposed to love.There are also a couple of these behaviors that are much more exclusive to women.

1. Yelling & Angry. While we all can yell from time to time, a woman who’s abusive is going to do it much more regularly and often without a clear reason. One of the things that can make a relationship especially abusive is the uncertainty of when you’re going to ‘get it.’ Obviously, this behavior is not exclusive to just women.

I believe my wife is regularly emotionally abusive towards me.When she yells and puts me down and says mean things I get upset and say mean things back to her. How do I not react when she pushes my buttons with her abuse?” -Adam



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