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International Association for Suicide Prevention

It’s also a very complex matter. According to the International Association for Suicide Prevention, it’s rarely an impulsive act; rather, it creeps up on you gradually, progressing from suicidal thoughts, to planning, to attempting and finally dying by suicide. When you’re at that point where living seems intolerable, it can be very difficult to put the brakes on. But even in those darkest hours, it’s possible to hold on and have hope. So what can we do to make it through those bleak times where it seems there’s no other solution?

  1. Talk to someone Probably the most important thing you can do if you’re feeling suicidal is tell someone about it.

  2. Take care of your basic needs

  3. Avoid alcohol It doesn’t help

  4. Make a safety plan

  5. Get some exercise If you’re deeply depressed, the idea of getting up and going to the gym probably sounds ridiculous – and impossible.

  6. Make a hope box In the depths of despair, it can be hard to find hope, but there are always reasons to stay alive. Creating a hope box is a good way to calm yourself when you’re fighting thoughts of suicide.

  7. Soothe your senses When you’re overwhelmed with thoughts of suicide, it can be hard to think straight, and your usual distraction techniques like mindfulness or meditation may not work. ‘This is where it can be helpful to soothe your senses, for example by having a bath, playing your favourite music, lighting a candle or using a nice body lotion,’ says Kelly.

  8. Find some company When my mental health is at its worst, I tend to isolate myself from other people, convinced that I’m a burden. I’m far from alone in feeling like this; withdrawing from social contact is a big warning sign for suicide. ‘Maintaining contact with your friends and avoiding isolation can help to reduce the risk of feeling suicidal, and making the effort to see people is especially important when you feel like you don’t want to,’ says Richard. Y

  9. Do something ‘When you’re at the bottom of the pit, even getting out of bed can feel like climbing Everest,’ says Kelly. This can make you feel hopeless and useless, fuelling your depression. Instead try to do something – no matter how tiny – that not only distracts you from your painful thoughts, but also makes you feel you’ve achieved something, whether that’s brushing your hair or washing a dish you left in the sink.

  10. Know when to get expert help Suicidal thoughts are a medical emergency, and need to be treated as such. If you’re feeling desperate and are under the services of a community mental health team, make contact urgently with your care co-ordinator, the duty officer or the out-of-hours helpline. If you’re not, or you can’t get hold of your usual contacts, go to A&E and explain how you’re feeling. They’ll be able to connect you with the duty psychiatric team who can establish what care you need.

  11. WAIT The single most important thing that anyone has ever told me about dealing with suicidal thoughts is to wait. Wait one minute, then 10 minutes, then an hour, then two… Every second that you wait is a second that you’re still alive – and potentially a second closer to getting through the crisis. ‘Suicidal feelings usually do not last,’ agrees Richard.

You’ve come this far. Don’t give up now.

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