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Eight Signs You’re The Victim Of Jealousy

When a person experiences an unhealthy amount of jealousy, the result is fight or flight. With flight, they’ll discard the situation and avoid you in order to avoid the disappointment, depression, and other negative emotions of a potential loss. In this case, you’ll likely never even be aware of the person’s feelings and, aside from their absence, you’ll likely never see any direct consequences of the jealousy.

It’s the fight response that you have to be mindful of identifying. With fights, the jealous person will make every effort to keep or gain what they consider their rightful place. The fight response can cause a great deal of havoc to your life if you don’t identify it as a problem. This fight response may be overtly obvious to some people. However, jealousy can also manifest itself in more subtle, small episodes of psychological warfare that you may



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