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Be Yourself vs. Being Somebody Else | Psychology Today

Similarly, women should not try to present themselves as aloof and disinterested. Unattainable is not an appealing image. Neither men nor women should pretend to know all about various arcane subjects, whether about wine or about stock investments. Lecturing on any subject becomes annoying.

  1. Certain ways of being are very hard to sustain. A pretense that money means nothing to you is hard to maintain in most situations, such as planning a trip. Also, it would be nice, I suppose, to seem very knowledgeable about lots of things—omniscient even; but being competitive about how much you know is destined to lead to failure sooner or later. Just as there is always someone smarter and richer, there is always somebody who knows more than you do about politics, or history, or how to fix the plumbing. Don’t pretend to special skills, such as gourmet cooking or playing an instrument. You will be found out sooner, rather than later.



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