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How to Spot Each Myers-Briggs® Personality Type in Conversation

How to Spot an ESFP in Conversation

ESFPs appear warm and enthusiastic in conversation, balancing an energy and physical charisma with a soft and caring demeanor. They usually have a “buzz” of liveliness around them and tend to use a lot of physical gestures and mannerisms in their speech. Their tone tends to be upbeat and engaging. They usually focus on the present moment when they speak, seeing the future as ever-changing and unpredictable.

Like ESTPs, ESFPs are usually excellent storytellers. They know how to tailor their story to the desires and attention-span of the people they are speaking with. Their keen awareness of body language and mannerisms lets them know when someone is getting bored or distracted, so they know when to cut a story short or spice things up to make it more interesting. They are very “real” and authentic people, and will refrain from anything that seems phony or insincere.

ESFPs speak in a very literal, sequential style. They like to share their experiences with other people and talk about future experiences they can enjoy. Life is full of possibility and opportunity to the ESFP, and they love discussing all the things they can experience; foods they can taste, concerts they can hear, anything tangible that they can immerse themselves in.

Young ESFPs tend to feel bored during long, drawn-out theoretical discussions. They also can feel ill at ease around people who are very critical or pessimistic. They have a drive to create a cheerful, optimistic atmosphere and can feel drained when they are with someone who is complaining or being critical for a long time. They also dislike being rushed into making a decision about something.



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