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Here are some of the most common reasons people come from hate and intolerance:

Taking into account how the brain works and what it is capable of at its highest level, here are some of the most common reasons people come from hate and intolerance:

1. They are filled with self-hate already. Feelings that reflect upon everything around them in the world.

2. It makes them feel better about themselves to put someone lower.

3. It’s a self-defense mechanism: to push threat away.

4. It’s a lack of understanding that they are protecting with brute force.

5. When people attach to the flaws of others it is a way to protect their own terms of self-worth.

6. They feel powerful to hurt or shock others.

7. They or they’ve adopted beliefs via upbringing, or a family member created the standard of beliefs in them, therefore they are portraying what they believe to be normal.

8. They feel weak, humiliated and existentially unimportant. So the sense of insignificance drives destructive acts. It makes them feel big: think – people who assassinate famous people.

9. They were abused or they are confirming the childhood role created by a parent or authority figure. Meaning, hearing “You’re a bad kid,” from everyone around you or being abused by a parent will create a kid who acts like a bad kid who deserves abuse. They empower themselves in the face of helplessness by becoming the creator of their situation. Just like a kid who is sexually abused will begin to act sexualized.

You might be thinking, that sucks – but why are these screwed up people my problem? Well, it’s selfish, really.



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