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Pathological jealousy – Wikipedia

Some symptoms of pathological jealousy include:[citation needed]

  • Accusing partner of looking or giving attention to other people.
  • Questioning of the partner’s behavior.
  • Interrogation of phone calls, including wrong numbers or accidental phone calls, and all other forms of communication.
  • Not allowing any social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Going through the partner’s belongings.
  • Always asking where the partner is and who they are with.
  • Isolating partner from their family and friends.
  • Not letting the partner have personal interests or hobbies outside the house.
  • Controlling the partner’s social circle.
  • Claiming the partner is having an affair when they withdraw or tries to escape abuse.
  • Accusing the partner of holding affairs when the marriage’s sexual activity stops because of the abuse.
  • Verbal and/or physical violence towards the partner, the individual who is considered to be the rival, or both.
  • Blaming the partner and establishing an excuse for jealous behavior.
  • Denying the jealous behavior unless cornered.
  • Threatening to harm others or themselves.



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